Nolan Wilson​​
 To have and to hold  From this day forward

The Story of Us! 
Married co-writers, writing songs, 
Living life one day at a time
Facing the fight of their lives together 

            About Us -
        Our Beginning
It all started from an email.  I had been songwriting for a few years in 1996 when I received an email from a man that was looking for co-writers.  Back in the day AOL was the only online game in town.  In fact, it was a craze.  Everyone was signing onto AOL and couldn't wait to hear that phrase, "YOU'VE GOT MAIL."  

One day I heard those words and when I opened up my email, there was a request from a songwriter who was looking for co-writers.  A read the email and moved on.  My first thought was, "Oh no, another guy looking to get in my panties."  I had just had a bad experience with another man who claimed he wanted to write songs with me.  It turned out writing was the last thing he had wanted.  

I didn't delete this new guys email but I didn't respond either.  A few weeks later after mulling it over, I responded.  We hit it off.  Writing was easy with Greg.  Everything felt fun and easy with Greg.  After writing together for 1 and 1/2 years, we felt like we were falling in love.  He traveled to New York from Michigan so we could meet in person.  That was January of 1998.  The in person meeting took place at the Holiday Inn near the airport on Long Island.  We knew as soon as we met that the love we were feeling while writing together was real.  Before he left to go back to Michigan, we made a plan for him to give notice to his job, pack his belongings and move to Long Island.  

I am going to try and add to this blog as time allows.  We are fighting  for our lives together.  Collectively, we have conquered Kidney Disease, Strokes and more. Now we are gearing up to fight the Devil.  On November 29th, Greg was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. It was confirmed by 2nd opinion on December 12, 2017. We are documenting the journey. If it can help one person facing adversity, it will be worth telling our story.  
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This is the place where you can find daily or weekly updates about our battle against CANCER.  It makes things just a bit easier on us if we don't have to give multiple updates to many people daily. Please stop back here to find out what is going on.